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Mazzy Star
Give You My Lovin

Give you my lovin'
Seven days a week
I'll be your honey
If you'll be sweet
I know
I'm the only one for you
I know that you think
This is not true

Man says it's rainin'
Rainin' outside
I'll be out there
In a little while
Cause you see
Rain reminds me of you
And everything
Has turned to you

See you in places
I'm following you
You'll be upstairs
And I'll be there too
Everywhere you go
I will follow
I know it won't be
The same tomorrow

People give me warnings
Stay away from you
They say you'll hurt me
I don't think that's true
Discomfort arouses
When I speak of you
As if you've been sayin'
Something bad
About me

When I see you
I want to kiss you
But I know that ain't right
So I ask if I can hold you
Oh babe I need you so bad
Oh babe I only want to make you

Reminds me of Flagstaff,
the first night as your wife,
We shoulda went together baby...

Love and a .45
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